Why most people fail in Practical Driving test

Published: 16th November 2011
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It is a general observation that people who have practiced often, fail to replicate the results on practical driving test. May that be due to the fear of failure or more focus on technical aspect than general ones. Whatever the case may be I being an examiner at driving test center came up with a list of five practices that lead to failure in practical driving test. They are:

1.Improper Junction observation
Bad observation is the first step in making a driver fails in making correct decision. This becomes more disastrous when a person make wrong decision at junction, as most of the accidents occurs at junctions. So whenever you come across a junction and the coast look clear, do not look on one side only, rather make sure that the LEFT and RIGHT side is clear. Because it is tempting to drive pass fast, when you FEEL that the coast is clear, but it also one of the reasons of getting a negative mark in practical driving exam.

2.Reversing round the corner
It is general observation that reversing causes great problem to in-experience drivers, and most of the accidents occurs when doing reverse parking or reversing the car. So no matter in how much hurry you are make a habit that you reverse slowly, and do look for blind spots by peeking your head out of the car. If you do this, on the practical driving test day your chances of doing this mistake reduce.

3.Giving misleading signals
The third commonly done error that is not given much importance is the misleading signals given by drivers. This also causes failure in practical test taking, so do make sure that you are alert while driving, and cancel out the signal when you are done with the signal. It should also help if you practice a bit at home, about signalling left and right with the help of your friend or spouse. Itís not a JOKE, it really does helps. This will solve the problem of wrong signalling to the best, and even on practical driving test day you would not get a negative mark.

4.Speeding above the speed limit
It is the other most common mistake that people cross the speed limit by driving too fast or too slowly. Yes it is true, that speeding on slow pace is as dangerous as driving fast, as while driving slowly, sometimes it happens that a person does not realize that he is gradually speeding above the prescribe speed limit, so do make sure that you check the speed-o-meter of your car after short intervals. This will also help you in your practical driving test as well.

5.Steering control mismanagement
Yes steering wheel mismanagement happens, and due to this many amateur drivers get a negative mark on practical driving exam day. The best strategy is the push and pull steering strategy, this is the instructor proven best strategy to help you control the steering wheel.

If you are comfortable crossing arms while moving steering, without losing control, it does not harm if you do the same on the practical test day. Yes, the popularly held belief that crossing arms while turning the steering wheel is wrong, but only for those who are comfortable. As there are many who lose control when they cross arms, while turning wheel.

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